Digital Nomad Survival Kit: my backpack

I don’t like working at home, so I spend most of my days roaming the city and hanging out in cafes, lounges, restaurants. Sometimes I spend hours at airport terminals. Most of them are comfortable but still very far from the being perfect. So over time I put together quite an interesting survival kit madeContinue reading “Digital Nomad Survival Kit: my backpack”

How a few gadgets can improve your travels: first hand review

I spent a week in Kauai for a business meet up and the experience was terrific. I’m very used to airports, planes, boarding cards, miles, etc. but I hadn’t been on a long haul trip like this since 2005 when I spent a few months in New Zealand. I wanted to use this opportunity toContinue reading “How a few gadgets can improve your travels: first hand review”

Street ThreeSixtyFive Archive – Week 2 of 52

I only post BW, street, archive pictures. One a day, for one year. I will report here every week. Enjoy and follow me on instagram! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Luca Sartoni (@lucasartoni) #day8 – Lost in Istanbul #365 #archive View this post on Instagram A post shared by Luca SartoniContinue reading “Street ThreeSixtyFive Archive – Week 2 of 52”

Power Outlets are the new Wi-Fi

Assuming that every airport in the world (as much as every hotel) is offering Wi-Fi connection (free or paid) to the travelers, most of the time is very complicated to find power outlets to charge the devices. I think that power is a primary need and there’s room for some intelligent solution to it. ByContinue reading “Power Outlets are the new Wi-Fi”

Postcards from Italy

I’m spending two weeks of vacation back in Ravenna, Italy, my hometown. I decided to spend my holidays here because during the last few months I travelled a lot, and once I’ll be back in Vienna my non-stop-travelling will start again. The plan was to come here, relax and spend some days with my familyContinue reading “Postcards from Italy”

Enterprise Social 2.0 – Brussels 8, 9 march 2011

One of the best conference i attended last year was Enterprise Social 2.0 organized by KGS Global. This march, on the 8th and 9th will take place the second edition, in Brussels, Belgium. Of course i will be there and i strongly recommend to have a look at the speaker’s lineup, it’s really awesome! SeeContinue reading “Enterprise Social 2.0 – Brussels 8, 9 march 2011”