How important are rules in Photography? Hipstamatic vs Instagram – The Sartonialist Podcast

This week on my podcast I talk about rules and photography with Teymur Madjderey @icedsoul. We also discuss about Hipstamatic and Instagram, traditional photography and MForMurder. I also picked a name for the podcast: “The Sartonialist”. Not sure I will keep it, but let’s see…



What’s happening in Asia? – Second episode of my podcast

The second episode of my podcast is a conversation with Simone Brunozzi about Asia, Evernote, tech jobs, mobile apps, lean development. Enjoy!

PS: I’m still looking for a name for my weekly podcast, if you have any suggestion please let me know 🙂

Amici News

Switch Conference – Porto 16 and 17 April 2011

This weekend I was supposed to attend the Switch Conference in Porto, Portugal but unfortunately I won’t be there for a couple of issues I cannot procrastinate.
I’m really sorry to miss the opportunity of attending a conference that sounds really cool and packed of great speakers and friends.

“SWITCH is a two-day event that gathers people with different background experiences to discuss technology, science, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in a network-friendly environment.

I was also supposed to present my latest Ignite Talk, “Symbolic Violence and Social Media” at Ignite Portugal tonight, but I’m missing that too. I really hope there will be other chances in the near future.

All my congratulation to Ricardo Sousa and all the Switchconf Staff for the excellent job they are doing and all the best wishes for their conference. next year I won’t miss it!


yellowbird – 360 degrees scrollable videos

This video is really impressive. Through 5 different cameras it’s possible to record a 360 degrees video and then the image is composed to allow the viewer to navigate the space during the playback. Check it out!


The best elevator pitch ever

This is the best elevator pitch ever! Must see!

Via Techcrunch


web 2.0 (anni)

Su TechCrunch UK è uscita la lista delle 21 startup che sono state scelte per la SeedCamp Week che si terrà a Londra tra poco. SeedCamp è un progetto di menthoring e seeding che si occupa di scoprire, aiutare e accompagnare le startup tech europee nella loro fase di avviamento. Il CEO di SeedCamp è Reshma Sohoni e il chairman è Saul Klein, ex VP di Skype.

Complimenti a tutti coloro che sono stati scelti.

Ho comunque un dubbio da un po’ di tempo. E’ proprio necessario che un servizio web o una startup tech debba avere un nome stupido per avere successo? Mamamuma, Gnugnugnagna, Bubburubu? I product manager e i marketing manager hanno tutti due(puntozero) anni?

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Il backstage della Girl Geek Dinner 4

Non eravamo mica in una birreria!