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  • Recap on my online presence: blog, portfolio, twitter, linkedin, flickr

    Main Blog: general purpose aggregator On my main blog I post stuff that I like and that is somehow realted to my work/life/dreams/expectations/career. I don’t want to focus on a specific topic and I have to admit that lately I didn’t post that often. This does not mean that I’m not interested in keeping it […]

  • Social Media recap

    It’s time for a change, so I don’t exclude that very soon this blog will change its template to make it more readable and complete. In the meanwhile let me recap my online presence. Blog Some people say that blogs are dead. This blog is not, get over it. Twitter My favorite channel to express […]

  • Enterprise Social 2.0 – Video

    [vimeo 21837276 w=600 h=338] Don’t miss the ES20 Video on Vimeo! As I said before, it was one of the most interesting conference attended so far and this video produced by KGSGlobal is a good prove of it. Enojy!

  • Jeff Jarvis, Alexia Tsotsis, Hanni Ross: portraits from SXSW

    My SXSW 2011 is just finished and I want to wrap it up with three great portraits I took during my week in Austin TX: Jeff Jarvis, Alexia Tsotsis and Hanni Ross. Jeff Jarvis Jeff’s speech at SXSW was definitely the most interesting one of the many I attended. His vision about privacy and publicness […]

  • Symbolic Violence and Social Media

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhN_hOdgYOg&w=560&h=349] I work at 123people and my job is to integrate social media into a corporate environment. A few weeks ago, I got a special request from a customer and that got me seriously thinking how social dynamics affect the business of companies. A strange request A customer was asking us to violate one […]