iPhone Security code: four is not enough

I just found out a nice trick for all of us who don’t own an iPhone 5S yet and we are still using a security code for our lock screen.

I’m sure you know you can choose between two kind of codes for your lock screen: a four digits code or a full alphanumeric password. The first one of course is more handy, because the numpad is much bigger than the full keyboard but that means that we decrease significantly the security level of our phone.

That happens no more because it’s just enough to disable the Simple Passcode and just pick a code that just have digits in it. Your iPhone will display a numpad and then it’s just a matter of picking a significantly long numeric code in order to have security and comfort at the same time.

Don’t overlook the importance of having a safe access to your phone. These devices are becoming more and more gatekeepers of our secrets, accounts and digital life. Always play safe!

Picture by XKCD

Why I cannot live without Clipperz

I cannot live without Clipperz because in my daily life I use more than 300 unique 26 characters-long passwords. And the only way to manage all of them is Clipperz.

I’m not going in details with features and stuff because you can try it yourself, I just want to say that my life with Clipperz is much safer and comfortable. I strongly suggest you to check it out and to improve your security. Your shitty-short-always_the_same password is not a good way to keep troubles out of the way, so get a move.

I just donated a hundred bucks to Marco and Giulio Cesare, the founders, to support them in their awesome job. I’m not telling you to do the same but it’s up to you. Just try it out and decide yourself.