Shooting in the street – A day in Venice – part 1

Yesterday I spent the day in Venice with my friend Giorgio. Despite the fact that my hometown is just 150km far from one of the most amazing cities in the world, I hadn’t gone to Venice since I was a teenager. The weather was not too bad, considering it was the second of january, itContinue reading “Shooting in the street – A day in Venice – part 1”

How important are rules in Photography? Hipstamatic vs Instagram – The Sartonialist Podcast

This week on my podcast I talk about rules and photography with Teymur Madjderey @icedsoul. We also discuss about Hipstamatic and Instagram, traditional photography and MForMurder. I also picked a name for the podcast: “The Sartonialist”. Not sure I will keep it, but let’s see… Enjoy!

Shodan opening speech

This is the transcript of my opening speech of Shodan: I decided to do something that is very far from my comfort zone. Because my photography is not about printing stuff on surfaces. My photography is about taking moments into a digital form, and that’s it, apparently. I started to take pictures as a kid.Continue reading “Shodan opening speech”

Postcards from Italy

I’m spending two weeks of vacation back in Ravenna, Italy, my hometown. I decided to spend my holidays here because during the last few months I travelled a lot, and once I’ll be back in Vienna my non-stop-travelling will start again. The plan was to come here, relax and spend some days with my familyContinue reading “Postcards from Italy”

Architettura HDR

Durante la visita alla Biblioteca del Sacro Convento Francescano di Assisi, in occasione del nanosocial dello scorso weekend, ho avuto modo di scattare qualche foto che rielaborata in HDR ha dato risultati notevoli. L’architettura, insieme ai panorami, si presta benissimo a questo tipo di processo digitale. P.S. Molte foto le ha scattate Paola. Questo setContinue reading “Architettura HDR”