Failed projects and accounts

I recently realised that sometimes letting go is much harder than holding tight. But a few things have been dragging for too long and the only way to move on is to let things go and turn the page.

This is a list of things that I’m officially dismissing:

Do not expect any of them to get updates any soon. Good bye and so long.

Follow me: my new photo blog is online

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.16.44 AM

A few weeks ago I started a new online adventure in the form of a photo portfolio. At the very beginning I just wanted to have all of my best pictures on the same website but then I started publishing content on a regular basis and I realised that having a focused topic was helping me to be very frequent in my blogging activity.

I blog about my photography, techniques I use, photo-shootings I complete. You will find my best shots and the behind the scene of my studio and street activity.

I have to admit that I’m not blogging here very frequently, at least not as frequent I used to do in the past. My life has changed in the last few months, a few things have moved forward and others got stuck along the journey.

This blog is going to stay and every now and then I’ll keep on publishing stuff, but at the moment I’m very focused on my photoblog/portfolio. If you want to have a look and add it to your daily readings I’ll be more than happy.

You can find it here:

Drop a comment if you like it and two comments if you dislike it 🙂

Don’t get screwed over

“Don’t get screwed over” is a very nice social experiment to raise awareness on working with legal papers when freelancing. These people were engaged promising to be payed five dollars for their drawings. But then the payment was refused because the result was not good enough. The reactions are very interesting. Enjoy the video and have a look on their website!

Via FStoppers

My first day of street photography in Singapore


I landed yesterday in Singapore to visit my friends Lisa and Simone. I’ll be here for a week and beside my job I will spend a lot of time taking pictures in the street. Today was my first day and I went to Chinatown. In a few hours I found out three things about this awesome city:

Different perception of personal distance

Studying martial arts I learned that every person feels a personal bubble around himself. When someone enters that bubble we feel awkward and we raise up our psychological defenses. The more dense the city, the smaller the bubble. For this reason getting really close to people, while taking pictures in the street, is very easy in Singapore.

Different relationship with food

In chinatown the food is everywhere and saying hello to your live crab before his final trip to the kitchen is very common.

People are really open

As soon as I raised up my camera to take pictures of his booth, this man started to dance for me and wanted to pose with his roasted duck. I’m so excited about the amazing adventures I’m going to have during the next days in here.

Full set of pictures on Flickr. Enjoy and stay tuned!

Social Photography: dalla Polaroid a Instagram – Ravenna, Liceo Artistico, 14 aprile 2012 h11.00

Social photography @ Ravenna

Sono molto felice di essere stato coinvolto in un progetto di Gerardo Lamattina che mi avrĂ  come protagonista il prossimo sabato 14 aprile 2012 a Ravenna. Presenterò una lezione dal titolo “Social Photograhy, dalla Polaroid a Instagram” esplorando le nuove frontiere della fotografia nella sua accezione di oggetto sociale.

Social Photography, dalla Polaroid a Instagram

La fotografia ha assunto un ruolo sociale attraverso la sua evoluzione tecnologica. Fare foto ed essere in grado di mostrarle immediatamente ha cambiato il ruolo della fotografia nella nostra vita. La polaroid è stato solo l’inizio, oggi abbiamo Instagram, e domani?

Dove: Aula magna – Liceo Artistico Nervi-Severini, Via Tombesi dall’Ova 14, Ravenna, Italia
Quando: Sabato 14 aprile 2012, ore 11.00

L’incontro è aperto al pubblico, quindi se sei in zona accorri numeroso!

Three golden tips on street photography by Eric Kim

Jazz Hands

Yesterday, Eric Kim, one of my favourite international street photographers, published a list of 102 thing he learned about street photography. The three following ones are my favorites:

21. Post-processing your images digitally should never take more than a minute

Spend more time shooting rather than working on photoshop. Save your post-processing skills for your studio work. I used to spend too much time processing my pictures. I was straightening horizons, correcting perspectives, brushing away spots and glitches. Then I visited an exhibition by Henri Cartier-Bresson and I realized that all the work I was putting on my pictures was totally worthless. The value of street photography is somewhere else. It’s out there, being at the right place, at the right time, shooting.

47. Always carry your camera with you everywhere you go. Everywhere

That’s why I decided to switch to a rangefinder (hybrid) camera and I bought myself the Fuji X100. I always have my camera with me and my Nikon D90+lens was definitely not handy enough. So it happened that I had to leave it at home sometimes. Guess what, every time that happened, a great picture was there, waiting for me. But I was not ready.

64. The best combo: one camera and one lens

Every time I went out shooting with more than one camera in the bag, I spent more time switching equipment rather than taking pictures. Same story when I took two or more lenses with me. Now I stick to one camera and one lens rule and the results are much better.

68. “Realize that most of your photographs are crap” – Charlie Kirk

Since I accepted this, I feel much better.