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  • How to Design Growth: Growth Hacking 101 at Seedcamp in Rome

    How to Design Growth: Growth Hacking 101 at Seedcamp in Rome

    Introduction: this presentation was performed on the 5th of June 2014, at Seedcamp in Rome. I want to thank Seedcamp, the organisation, Nicola Mattina, Giuliano Iacobelli, Carlos Espinal and my company, Automattic, for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of such a great audience. Growth Hacking 101 Good afternoon! My name is Luca […]

  • Traffic vs Distribution

    Traffic vs Distribution

    We all hate being stuck in our car, jammed for hours on our way back home. We are not actually stuck in the traffic, we are the traffic. Nevertheless we keep on considering it a necessary pain if we want to go somewhere. There is another form of traffic that we love, instead: online traffic. […]

  • Asking is better that guessing: Qualaroo

    Asking is better that guessing: Qualaroo

    How many times you got stuck in a meeting with designers, developers, project managers and sometimes people from the MGMT in the middle of a religious debate? No I’m not referring to real Religion. I’m talking about something that usually goes like: – “I think our users wants to get $this_product as soon as they […]

  • Recap on my online presence: blog, portfolio, twitter, linkedin, flickr

    Main Blog: general purpose aggregator On my main blog I post stuff that I like and that is somehow realted to my work/life/dreams/expectations/career. I don’t want to focus on a specific topic and I have to admit that lately I didn’t post that often. This does not mean that I’m not interested in keeping it […]

  • Twelve Truths I learned (& never want to have to say again)

    The Internet does not exist: it perfectly matches the physical world, we go there as we go to the office, to a bar or as we enter our bedroom. The only real difference with respect to physical environments is that it allows us to be ubiquitous. On the Internet there aren’t different conversations, it’s that […]

  • Tonight at Online Tuesday #18 in Amsterdam

    Tonight at 19.30 I will be speaking about vertical search engines and people search at Online Tuesday #18 in Amsterdam. I will be in Amsterdam until friday to attend the Picnic Festival 2011. If you are around send me a tweet at @lucasartoni and we can go for a coffee.