Remote Working: One Does Not Simply Spend a Year Without Pants

My name is Luca Sartoni, I’m a Growth Engineer and I work at Automattic. Automattic is the company behind, Akismet, Polldaddy, Jetpack and many others. Our company is fully distributed and my 237 colleagues work from home, cafes, lounges, airports, coworking spaces. Remote working is not unusual in our industry, most of the timeContinue reading “Remote Working: One Does Not Simply Spend a Year Without Pants”

2014 – new year, new life, new job: growth engineer at Automattic

2013 was a blast. So many things happened during the summer and even before! Professionally it was the busiest year ever and I had so many gigs I cannot even remember all of them. At the end of 2012 I started Heisenberg Media together with Dan Taylor. We spent the past year kicking really hardContinue reading “2014 – new year, new life, new job: growth engineer at Automattic”

Don’t get screwed over

“Don’t get screwed over” is a very nice social experiment to raise awareness on working with legal papers when freelancing. These people were engaged promising to be payed five dollars for their drawings. But then the payment was refused because the result was not good enough. The reactions are very interesting. Enjoy the video andContinue reading “Don’t get screwed over”

What’s happening in Asia? – Second episode of my podcast

The second episode of my podcast is a conversation with Simone Brunozzi about Asia, Evernote, tech jobs, mobile apps, lean development. Enjoy! PS: I’m still looking for a name for my weekly podcast, if you have any suggestion please let me know 🙂

Employer Branding – Pagateli di più e selezionateli meglio

La scorsa settimana ho preso parte ad un panel del titolo “Employer Branding” al Forum delle Risorse Umane a Roma. La definizione di “Employer Branding” che possiamo trovare su Wikipedia è questa: “L’espressione employer branding è entrata in uso a partire dagli anni ’90 per riferirsi alla reputazione che un’azienda si costruisce come datore diContinue reading “Employer Branding – Pagateli di più e selezionateli meglio”