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  • L’importanza di chiamarsi Gualtiero

    Nutro particolare ammirazione, rispetto e affetto verso le persone che si chiamano Gualtiero. Non è che ne conosca tanti con questo nome, anzi ne conosco solo due. Uno è mio padre e uno è Lui. E se niente niente avete voglia di leggere quello che ha combinato Lui ultimamente (qui, qui, qui e qui), sono […]

  • Getting closer – A day in Venice – part 2

    Getting closer – A day in Venice – part 2

    My day in Venice was completely devoted to explore some limits of my photographic skills. The first study was about the gear I should carry around and as I wrote previously, it’s much better to focus on what you have rather on what you could have, switching camera or lens. This is also true when […]

  • Postcards from Italy

    I’m spending two weeks of vacation back in Ravenna, Italy, my hometown. I decided to spend my holidays here because during the last few months I travelled a lot, and once I’ll be back in Vienna my non-stop-travelling will start again. The plan was to come here, relax and spend some days with my family […]

  • Never Forget

    Never forget.

  • No Country for TCP/IP

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6lY8UmMIUY&w=480&h=390] Stefano Quintarelli explain in a very extensive blog post (in italian) why Italy is a very complicated country for innovation. Basically you cannot install a network device (router, access point, modem) unless you are a certified professional. Or you have to hire one. BTW: I strongly preferred the old title of the blogpost. […]

  • A day at the races

    Last sunday i had the pleasure to be a guest visitor at the “8th Monza Rally Show” in Monza, near Milan. I was invited by eni that was presenting its new lubricant product line called “i-sint”. I’ve never been a fan of cars, especially race cars. I always found tremendous boring to spend time staring […]