How to backup your life and much more

Every day I check-in on foursquare, publish pics on Flickr, send out dozen of tweets, publish blogposts, and much more. I always wanted to have all that stuff on a single line, just a simple journal of all my social actions online.

Facebook is providing a very cool timeline, with the new profiles redesign, but it works only inside FB, and with FB’s activities. Lame! Walled gardens are always so uncool.

Today I found and it’s awesome. Basically it’s a conditional cronjob that supports almost all the available APIs to the most common platforms, like Foursquare, Instagram, etc. Then you define which trigger will cause an action and voilĂ , all those services are magically interconnected.

So, to step back to my original desire, now every time I send out a tweet, it’s permanently recorded on Google Calendar (I set up a calendar ad-hoc called “Lifestreaming”). The same happens every time I publish something on Instagram or I just love a song on Everything is recorded, forever, in a pretty handy format that I can access via iCal, and so on.

Of course this is just a single need solved by IFTTT, but tons of recipes are available to interconnect different services together and do very cool stuff. Check it out and let me know if you like it!

Thanks to Marco Barulli that shared this entry on Google Reader, keep on sharing!