Digital Nomad Survival Kit: my backpack

I don’t like working at home, so I spend most of my days roaming the city and hanging out in cafes, lounges, restaurants. Sometimes I spend hours at airport terminals. Most of them are comfortable but still very far from the being perfect. So over time I put together quite an interesting survival kit madeContinue reading “Digital Nomad Survival Kit: my backpack”

iPhone Security code: four is not enough

I just found out a nice trick for all of us who don’t own an iPhone 5S yet and we are still using a security code for our lock screen. I’m sure you know you can choose between two kind of codes for your lock screen: a four digits code or a full alphanumeric password.Continue reading “iPhone Security code: four is not enough”

How important are rules in Photography? Hipstamatic vs Instagram – The Sartonialist Podcast

This week on my podcast I talk about rules and photography with Teymur Madjderey @icedsoul. We also discuss about Hipstamatic and Instagram, traditional photography and MForMurder. I also picked a name for the podcast: “The Sartonialist”. Not sure I will keep it, but let’s see… Enjoy!