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  • Why the Plumber Always Wins at WordCamp Netherlands 2015

    Enjoy the video!

  • How to Design Growth: Growth Hacking 101 at Seedcamp in Rome

    How to Design Growth: Growth Hacking 101 at Seedcamp in Rome

    Introduction: this presentation was performed on the 5th of June 2014, at Seedcamp in Rome. I want to thank Seedcamp, the organisation, Nicola Mattina, Giuliano Iacobelli, Carlos Espinal and my company, Automattic, for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of such a great audience. Growth Hacking 101 Good afternoon! My name is Luca…

  • 3 cognitive biases you should be aware of

    3 cognitive biases you should be aware of

    Confirmation bias I’ve seen confirmation bias kicking in many times, especially when dealing with black box problems. SEO for instance is a well developed topic and you can find many established practices nevertheless some areas of SEO are still empiric. The fact that Google does not disclose the entire algorithm behind the ranking and changes…

  • How to achieve success: the master photographers about their own business

    What is success, how to get a hold on it? This video is one of the best answer to these questions. It’a talk about photography by world class photographers. Do yourself a favor and watch it now. Enjoy! Via FStoppers

  • The Humble Bundle: an indie game success story

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaM6LHC_uXA?rel=0&w=640&h=390] A few days ago I came across this blogpost and despite it was about videogames (usually not my main interest) I wanted to take a further look into it. It revealed to be a very interesting examples how a new software distribution model is possibile. The main ingredient of success are: pay what…

  • Open letter to an event organizer

    A consistent part of my job is to attend events and quite often I’m invited to be on stage. I typically attend conferences, seminars, workshops, most of them are about tech, online business, startups and Internet culture. Maybe in the next months I will attend one of your events, so I just want to help…

  • Enterprise Social 2.0 – Brussels 8, 9 march 2011

    One of the best conference i attended last year was Enterprise Social 2.0 organized by KGS Global. This march, on the 8th and 9th will take place the second edition, in Brussels, Belgium. Of course i will be there and i strongly recommend to have a look at the speaker’s lineup, it’s really awesome! See…