Sabbatical Update – 1

New Chums Beach

Letizia and I have been in New Zealand for almost a month, and we love it.

We hike and swim almost daily and we rest a lot. We hired a campervan, and we move often, exploring mountain trails, and beautiful beaches.

I haven’t checked Instagram, Twitter, or emails since we arrived here and I don’t feel any pressure in doing so. However, we have data SIMs in our phones so sometimes I find myself entrenched a little too much into reading news here and there, mostly on Reddit and Facebook.

I’m taking a whole lot of pictures, which I publish on Flickr every time I find a solid Wi-Fi.

We still have a couple more months in front of us before going back to work and we are going to make the most out of them!





2 responses to “Sabbatical Update – 1”

  1. Chaitanya Avatar

    Great to hear and see you having a good time in my country, Luca!

    (If you need any help in and around Auckland, feel free to DM me in Slack. I am an hour south of Auckland.)


    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      Oh, likely you are not having Slack on phone. That’s totally fine!

      Make sure you don’t leave Auckland without eating ice cream at this place in the CBD:

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