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Cointoss DeepFake Video.


The Risk of Dying Doing What We Love

Commercial aviation is a great example that risk mitigation really works. After the invention of powered flight in 1903, flying was certainly one of the most dangerous things humans could possibly do. Gradually and over time, this risk has been reduced to such an extent that commercial air travel is now one of the safest things we participate in.

Great article by Clemens on Don’t miss it!


Open | The Community Code

Don’t miss this fantastic video about WordPress!


Suica app

I spent a week in Tokyo and realized pretty quickly that Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay are not widely accepted.

However, it was just enough to install Suica App, and I was immediately brought back to the future.

A future where I can pay anything, from taxi to restaurants, from arcade games to metro rides, just tapping my phone on the payment pads.

I easily top up the credit via Apple Pay in just two clicks.

No more spare coins and inconvenience.

I love it!


Let Them Talk

I recently came across this Youtube channel that helps non-native english speakers to further improve their language.

I highly recommend it.


How to Make Sense of Any Mess

How to Make Sense of Any Mess by Abby Covert is a straightforward book on Information Architecture. If you have no idea of what Information Architecture is, but you feel you have to make sense of some sort of mess around you, this is the perfect book for you.

It’s a concise, direct, and non-academic book on a fascinating topic, Information Architecture, that most of the times is just too articulated to be easy to read.

Kudos to Scott Berkun for mentioning it in a recent presentation.


Veritasium on rotating bodies

This is such an amazing video. Don’t miss it!


Impossible now possible

A few days ago I tried the new Impossible Whopper at Burger King in Orlando.

The difference from a regular whopper is in the patty not being made of beef, but of the Impossible Burger.

It’s fully derived from plant, and it tastes exactly like a traditional beef patty.

Starting tomorrow, the Impossible Burger will be available at supermarkets too.

I hope it will make its way to global distribution because I would be happy to eat it more often in substitution to traditional meat.


Five tips for a smoother plane hopping experience

I hop on and off planes on a regular basis and I refined quite a few strategies to make it faster, easier, and more comfortable.

Here five of them:

Consistent carry on packing

My carry on is always packed in the same way. Same bag, same stuff, same position.
As a result, my carry on always weights the same and feels the same.
I can tell just picking it up if I forgot any of the largest elements like my camera or my laptop.
Packing and retrieving thing requires the minimal cognitive effort.
Every now and then I tweak the setup to make it better, but not too often.

Status is key

It might seems pretentious, but airport life is dramatically different if you reach status on your airline. As soon as you can access fast lanes, priority boarding, lounges, and priority handling for your luggage, things get really smooth.

Noise canceling headphones

They are large, bulky, and not particularly stylish. It doesn’t matter, they are your best friend on short and long flights.

Minimal carry on, and checked luggage

I can’t travel carry on only. I tried, I felt miserable, I don’t do it anymore.
I check in a luggage, and I carry a minimal carry on.
A lighter carry on, a backpack in my case, allows me to move faster across connections.

Positive attitude

But the most important tip is to constantly have a positive attitude when traveling for leisure or business.
Flights can be delayed and canceled. Airports can be busy. People can be rude. Connections can be late, and eventually missed. You can get an annoying person next to you on the flight. It happens, get over it.
Complaining, being rude, yelling, screaming, won’t get your flight to be on time, or the staff to find you a better connection to make up for a canceled segment.
On the contrary, being extremely collaborative will grease some of the gears for sure. I have been rebooked on expensive flights for free, I got access to off-brand lounges, I got multiple free business upgrades, just asking politely, smiling, and being nice.

Just sayin’…



I recently spent a few days with my family on the Dolomites, precisely in Selva di Val Gardena.

We went hiking every day, and experienced the amazing landscapes that those mountains can offer.

These are a few pictures of the most iconic peak in that area: Sassolungo.

Full gallery in Flickr.