How to Publish on WordPress and Instagram at The Same Time

Let’s say you publish a text on your WordPress site, but you also like Instagram, which only works for pictures. Let’s say you noticed that more and more Instagrammers publish text content as pictures but it’s just too annoying to take a screenshot of every new blog post you publish.

There must be a better way, right?


Here’s how:

Step 1: Get The Right Tools

This guide is based on the Apple platform. I’m sorry Android friends, I’ll see if I can find a similar solution for you eventually. But let’s get started.

You need:

Bear Editor (iOS and Mac)

Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose.
It’s awesome, and it automagically syncs all of your notes across all of your devices. It’s sleek, beautiful, and powerful.

I know there are many other note apps out there, and they are free, but a couple of features of Bear are key to this workflow, so give it a try, your little investment will be well rewarded, trust me.

WordPress (iOS)

You can manage your WordPress site right from your iOS device. This app is Open Source and free (both in spirit and in price).
It’s a must-have app, in any case.

Instagram (iOS)

We know Instagram, no need to explain further.

Step 2: Set up the Integrations Between the Apps

Bear and WordPress are beautifully integrated on iOS and they work well with each other. Just make sure that on your sharing options on iOS include WordPress and Instagram.

Step 3: The Workflow

This is the most amazing part, check this out:
You take advantage of the amazing writing experience on Bear to write your blog post. You can start it on your iPhone while waiting for the bus, continue it seamlessly on your laptop, and edit even more on your phone. Your content is available on your devices, all the time. Feel free to add links, of any formatting you like, it will be preserved flawlessly in your public post.

When you are happy with your post, pick up your iPhone and click share. Then pick WordPress. The magic now happens. WordPress for iOS will now ask you which of your site you want to publish your post on. And boom, the post is published.

Now, staying on Bear, click the info button, pick Jpeg, then export, then Instagram. And once again, the magic takes over and your post is live on Instagram too! Don’t forget to add your caption and hashtags, of course.

Try It Out and Let Me Know!

There are posts that work better than others, because of the limitations of square formats on Instagram, but this is a better experience than taking screenshots, in my opinion.

Give it a try, and let me know how you like it!

Inner Ear Hacking

A couple fo weeks ago I had vertigo when getting up in the morning or laying down in the evening.

I initially thought it was just my body telling me to rest, so I added a few extra hours of sleep in my daily routine.

I quickly discovered that it was a little more complicated than that because I was heavily dizzy every time I was getting up or laying down, with an acute symptom when turning my head on the left side.

I had the same problem a few times in the past, but it usually lasted for a few days and then I was back to normal. Every time I blamed a low blood pressure, or the stress.

Today, I went to my doctor for my regular check-up and I told her about this unpleasant situation that it was protracting for more than two weeks.

She asked a few questions to better understand the situation and suggested me to see an ear doctor. They call it HNO (Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde) here in Austria.

An hour later I was at the HNO waiting for the doctor to see me.

He checked a few things, performed a hearing test, and it was all perfect.

He explained that my symptoms are called positioning vertigo and they are common at younger ages (I take it as a compliment, Doc!) , but they disappear over time.

In any case there is a set of exercises to do at home that solve the problem.

The instructions came in the form of a paper with 11 steps to follow.

According to the doctor, in a few days I should get things sorted out just following those steps.

Anyways, I got home and jumped on Youtube, when I have found this explanation and a more straightforward exercise.

Well, I performed it once and my vertigo is gone. Completely gone.

Like magic, but for real.