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We’re happy to announce that we’ve open-sourced two projects last week: Delphin and its sibling, Delphin Bootstrap. Delphin powers, a site we built for a smooth registration of .blog domains. Delphin Bootstrap is a portable development environment for Delphin — it makes getting Delphin up and running easy on any operating system.

One of Delphin’s main goals was to simplify the process of registering and managing a domain. We’ve focused on the user experience, trying to avoid as much industry jargon as possible, while keeping in mind that purchasing a domain is just the first step in the journey toward a larger goal, like telling a story or selling products.

Delphin is a web application that uses parts of the API, as well as a few more specific endpoints built on the new WordPress REST API. Like Calypso — the front end — it…

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Thank You Rome

I hadn’t been in Rome for 3 years and these are the things that have changed since the last time I was here:

  • Mobile coverage is impressively good. My phone was always on, not a single glitch in the 3G connection. It was flawlessly working even in the depth of the metro lines.
  • More and more restaurants and bars offer free WiFi. Not that lousy wifi it’s often available in public places, I mean a solid modern 50Mbit wifi. Top class.
  • Uber is fast and reliable.

Things that are exactly the same and I don’t like:

  • Cars everywhere.
  • Bad roads. And I mean really bad roads.
  • Uneven, slippery, complicated sidewalks.

Things that are always the same and I like:

  • Cacio e pepe.
  • Carbonara.
  • Cicoria ripassata.

See you soon Rome, it was a blast!