How to avoid ticks

Letizia and I enjoy hiking and since our recent sabbatical in New Zealand we take any opportunity to hit the tracks up the mountains and though the woods.

One of the downsides of this hobby is the occurrence of ticks. They can make it a terrible surprise if not carefully prevented.

Here a great article on how to avoid ticks and eventually remove them.

Image Credits: Mcvoorhis CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Kellie Peterson on working at Automattic

I had the privilege to have Kellie as my team lead for the last two years at Automattic.

I recently switched to a new role, but I could not agree more with her about how great is working in such an inclusive environment at Automattic.

We are hiring!

Black holes: how do they look like?

In a few hours, the first ever image of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* at the center of the Milky Way galaxy will be released. What should we expect to see? How will it look like?

Here a video to explain what we expect to see:

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Sabbatical Update – 2

After 85 days of sabbatical, tomorrow I’ll be back to work.

As much as I feel rested, after such a long break, it was one of the most intense period of my life. I’ve done a lot, I’ve seen a lot, and definitely I have lived a lot!

Letizia and I combined our sabbatical breaks with our honeymoon and we spent 50 days camping in a van in New Zealand. We drove for 6 thousand kilometers, and explored nearly every corner of that beautiful country. We went hiking, kayaking, caving, stargazing, swimming, climbing, and much more.

We then spent two weeks in Fiji, heavily testing the resistance of the hammock outside our bungalow. We went free-diving, kayaking, we learned how to open a coconut, and how to get mellowly inebriated with Kava. We also fed baby turtles.

After we got back to Europe, I took a couple more trips, taking advantage of my empty calendar. I went five days to Lisbon with my mom, and five days to Ireland with my dad. I don’t see them as often as I should, and it was a great opportunity to connect with them.

I deliberately avoided to update this blog during my trips because I wanted to disconnect from the ordinary as much as possible. I will post pictures and stories about my travels in the weeks to come.

I feel ready to get back to work with a renovated energy, and I’ve also lost 6kg in the process. What else to say… bring it on!