LAUNCHub long weekend: my tips on pitching

LAUNCHub is a 9M Euro Seed & Acceleration fund, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, supported by a mentor-led program that invests in startup companies, mainly from the ICT sector from Bulgaria and the region. Our investments range from EUR 30K to 200K per company and we also provide guiding mentorship.

Last January I was invited but LAUNCHub to present “Work Hard, Play Hard, Pitch Harder”, my interactive workshop about public speaking and idea pitching. I went to Sofia and spend an amazing long weekend mentoring excellent startups.

Enjoy the video and checkout the complete video gallery of the event!

How to prepare the perfect pitch for your idea: my presentation at Switch 2012

Here my performance at Switch Conference 2012 in Lisbon, Enjoy the video!

Don’t miss Roxanne Varza on “how to improve the European tech scene“, Robin Wauters on “How Startup should pitch bloggers/journalists” and Diogo Teles on “how magic can help your startup“.

I look forward to the 2013 edition of the Switch Conference! See you there!

Don’t get screwed over

“Don’t get screwed over” is a very nice social experiment to raise awareness on working with legal papers when freelancing. These people were engaged promising to be payed five dollars for their drawings. But then the payment was refused because the result was not good enough. The reactions are very interesting. Enjoy the video and have a look on their website!

Via FStoppers