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  • Just a quick update

    Over the past few months, I have experienced many changes in my life, including my site, social media channels, etc. If you wish to continue receiving my content, this post will quickly update where I publish what. My weekly essays on leadership are distributed on the Thursday Memo in my newsletter, The Owl and The…

  • The Owl and The Beetle on Product Hunt

    I have been publishing a weekly newsletter for over 18 months, and today I’m launching it on Product Hunt. Here you can show your support, upvote, comment, or drop a review. Any form of ❤️ is highly appreciated!

  • The Dude With the Ukulele

    “Let’s all just take a minute to breath deeply in through the nose . . . and out through the mouth . . . while we envision a world without the tyranny of the patriarchy,” said Walcott soothingly. “Follow my lead.” This article is the best. Don’t miss it!

  • WordPress 4.7

    WordPress 4.7 is out! Happy updating!

  • Five Newsrooms Tips for Better Website Content

    When speaking to your audience, the intention is important too. Are you trying to educate, or create desire? A white paper will sound different from a restaurant menu. I really enjoyed Andrea Zoellner’s presentation at WCUS: “Five Newsroom Tips for Better Website Content“.  You can’t miss it!

  • Evergreen

    Yesterday I witnessed a double rainbow in Whistler, Canada.  To celebrate this unusual event I offer you this masterpiece. Enjoy!

  • Jolene

    Pentatonix & Dolly Parton – Jolene

  • Tracking all the noms

    Back in January I started tracking every monetary transaction. In a matter of a few months I reached total control of my finance and it’s a great feeling. The pressure of not knowing what’s happening to my bank account is finally over and it feels really good. With the same spirit, a few days ago…

  • Something’s brewing

    Worrisome article by Bruce Schneier about the significant rise of online probing attacks of the last few months. Don’t miss it!

  • Chiosco ai Pini, Bologna

    There is a Restaurant in Bologna, Italy, that every time impresses me because they do everything right. The food is simple, cheap, and delicious. The service is nice. The place is clean. There are no TV screens (like in many other restaurant) distracting from the quality of the dishes. They also have WiFi, and the…