Hitting a roadblock, and getting past it

A few months ago I started writing on this blog with a weekly cadence. I was publishing an essay every Wednesday morning. I established a routine for it. I had my draft ready by Monday, review it for a couple of days, and then I’d hit publish on Wednesday. It was working pretty well, andContinue reading “Hitting a roadblock, and getting past it”

Avalanche Week: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Skiing at Forty Years of Age

As I’m packing my gear and getting ready to spend eight days skiing in the Alps, I want to reflect on the series of events that took me, born and raised at sea level, to get on the slopes and enjoy this great outdoor activity with my family. “Come on, go faster! You need speedContinue reading “Avalanche Week: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Skiing at Forty Years of Age”

The Magic Cube Resolution

In 1974, the Hungarian mathematician and sculptor Ernő Rubik invented a surprising puzzle, “The Magic Cube,” that became the best-selling toy of 1982. You probably know it as the Rubik’s Cube. After more than twenty years from its inception, I met my first cube while lazily wandering in a department store. It was standing there,Continue reading “The Magic Cube Resolution”

Surrealismo bancario

Per ragioni professionali avevo bisogno di aprire un nuovo conto corrente, quindi molto ingenuamente, ieri sono andato alla banca. Era una piccola filiale di un gruppo bancario molto grande, probabilmente il piú grande in Italia (credo). Ho parcheggiato l’auto e con molta difficoltà ho risalito la rampa che giungeva all’ingresso, facendomi strada tra i ramiContinue reading “Surrealismo bancario”