Hilary Mason about big data and short URLs

Enjoy this talk from Strata Conference NY 2011. Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist at bit.ly, gives very interesting insights about how big data analysis can be extremely interesting to solve problems. Not only for geeks, I mean… For instance, just analyzing links processed by bit.ly it’s possible to determine the language of a webpage even withoutContinue reading “Hilary Mason about big data and short URLs”

How to backup your life and much more

Every day I check-in on foursquare, publish pics on Flickr, send out dozen of tweets, publish blogposts, and much more. I always wanted to have all that stuff on a single line, just a simple journal of all my social actions online. Facebook is providing a very cool timeline, with the new profiles redesign, butContinue reading “How to backup your life and much more”

The Humble Bundle: an indie game success story

A few days ago I came across this blogpost and despite it was about videogames (usually not my main interest) I wanted to take a further look into it. It revealed to be a very interesting examples how a new software distribution model is possibile. The main ingredient of success are: pay what you want,Continue reading “The Humble Bundle: an indie game success story”

Come forzare il motore di ricerca su Chrome

Usando Chrome ho preso l’abitudine di fare direttamente le ricerche su google attraverso la barra degli indirizzi. Spostandomi in Austria ho avuto il problema che tutte le risposte erano automaticamente affidate a Google.at invece che a Google.it Quindi ho risolto il problema inserendo questi due nuovi motori: Google Italian Keyword: google.it it-it it_it URL: http://www.google.it/search?hl=it&source=hp&q=%s&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=&aqi=Continue reading “Come forzare il motore di ricerca su Chrome”

Visita a Kroll Ontrack

La scorsa settimana ho avuto modo di visitare insieme ad Andrea, Elena e Letizia la sede italiana di Kroll Ontrack. L’azienda si occupa di recupero dati e dispone di una camera bianca per l’apertura e il recupero di Hard Disk fisicamente danneggiati. E’ stato molto interessante porre alcune domande a Massimo Mazza riguardo il processoContinue reading “Visita a Kroll Ontrack”