Social Media recap

It’s time for a change, so I don’t exclude that very soon this blog will change its template to make it more readable and complete.

In the meanwhile let me recap my online presence.


Some people say that blogs are dead. This blog is not, get over it.


My favorite channel to express my thoughts and share links. I still cannot clearly explain why so many people are following me, but that’s their problem, not mine.


It’s my phototwitter. I just love it. Just follow me there and you’ll make me happy. But also take pictures yourself otherwise it’s not so much fun.


I like it very much but it’s not mature yet. The noise level is very low but only because there are no APIs available for third party apps. Then the circle system is pretty powerful to filter out unwanted spammers.


My professional hub, and one of the few places where I’m very strict in terms of connections. If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, please introduce yourself, otherwise I will decline the request. If you just read my blog and you wanna connect, no problem, but take 2 minutes to explain me why. That’s it.


Just friend me, no problem. I’m still struggling if I should have a fan page for my readers and strict my profile just to close friends like many other did, but I’m not too sure it fits to me. Maybe you have a better solution, just drop down a comment.


I don’t have any direct influence on my klout score and I don’t have any idea why it’s so high. Stop asking me about it. Period.


This is the photoblog I share with Letizia. We both post pictures taken during our travels. Just stuff that we like straight from our Flickr accounts.


M for Murder is a phototumblr I share with Teymur (someone else will join us soon). The idea is to have a place for our street photography, following our basic rules:

  1. We only shoot prime lenses
  2. We respect our subjects
  3. we don’t just shoot for the sake of shooting, we are looking for a meaning, a story


All my likes on flickr, youtube,, instagram, etc. are collected on my favblog. Just have a look at it and let me know, but remember that is just an archive, no more than that.


All of my pictures are collected there. And when I say all, I mean all. At the moment there are more than 8.130 pictures. I try to keep them organized but sometimes are just a mess.


It’s a relic from the past. Many of my italian friends are very active there and it’s a nice spot to get some small talks. But definitely nothing relevant happens there anymore.

Hilary Mason about big data and short URLs

Enjoy this talk from Strata Conference NY 2011. Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist at, gives very interesting insights about how big data analysis can be extremely interesting to solve problems. Not only for geeks, I mean…

For instance, just analyzing links processed by it’s possible to determine the language of a webpage even without looking at the page, with higher precision than Google Translate APIs. Another example, discussed by Vincos on his blog a few days ago, is how visits decays over time when shared on different platforms.

Check it out, it’s a really cool video!

How to backup your life and much more

Every day I check-in on foursquare, publish pics on Flickr, send out dozen of tweets, publish blogposts, and much more. I always wanted to have all that stuff on a single line, just a simple journal of all my social actions online.

Facebook is providing a very cool timeline, with the new profiles redesign, but it works only inside FB, and with FB’s activities. Lame! Walled gardens are always so uncool.

Today I found and it’s awesome. Basically it’s a conditional cronjob that supports almost all the available APIs to the most common platforms, like Foursquare, Instagram, etc. Then you define which trigger will cause an action and voilà, all those services are magically interconnected.

So, to step back to my original desire, now every time I send out a tweet, it’s permanently recorded on Google Calendar (I set up a calendar ad-hoc called “Lifestreaming”). The same happens every time I publish something on Instagram or I just love a song on Everything is recorded, forever, in a pretty handy format that I can access via iCal, and so on.

Of course this is just a single need solved by IFTTT, but tons of recipes are available to interconnect different services together and do very cool stuff. Check it out and let me know if you like it!

Thanks to Marco Barulli that shared this entry on Google Reader, keep on sharing!

The Humble Bundle: an indie game success story

A few days ago I came across this blogpost and despite it was about videogames (usually not my main interest) I wanted to take a further look into it.

It revealed to be a very interesting examples how a new software distribution model is possibile. The main ingredient of success are: pay what you want, DRM free software, support charity and let’s add direct contact with the developers. They have already sold 107K bundles so far, and they got more than 500K$ in revenues. A very brilliant result!

I wanted to take part of the experience and I bought a bundle for 25$. At the moment I’m only playing “Trine”, the first game of the bundle and I like it very much. Money well spent!

Have a look here for mor infos:

Instagram I love You!

instagram pictures

I’m a huge fan of Instagram. I’m taking pics every second with that, flooding my flickr account with tons of pictures.

But why i just love it?

I love it because it’s efficient. I don’t have to deal with films, lenses, and other digital tweeks like hipstamatic. I only have to point, shoot and voilà, done.

The big deal with hipstamatic is that i have to chose film, lens and blah blah stuff before taking the picture. But street photography is a question of freezing the moment and “carping the diem”. So, considering that all the film-lens-tweeks are fake-digital-effects, there’s no need to choose them before the shoot, and instagram is perfect because it makes you choose your effect after you got the shot. And you can also choose between several nice ones.

It’s also really efficient in terms of building the social effect around your pictures, your friends only have to click on like, or drop a comment, no fancy stuff or complicated procedures.

Of course it can be improved, like everything, and what i really miss is a personal feed where i can get all the pictures in a RSS handy and convenient stream from a specific user. I also miss a “get to reality” button, that i can press and get real pictures, printed on paper.

It would be super cool to have a single button to transform those cool square pictures into a single print or a even cooler stuff like moo stickers or such. So, i decided to find a turnaround while the nice guys at instagram can create that button.

To get a cool single print of your pictures you can download my PSD file and with a bit of photoshop you can create your own mosaic very easily. The PSD file is released in CC-BY-SA, so please download it, improve it and share it again.

The second solution to get moo stickers is even quicker. Organize your instagram pics as a set on Flickr, like i did, and then provide the set to when you want to print your stickers. Easy, fast, cool. In one word: efficient!

I love you instagram 🙂

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Come forzare il motore di ricerca su Chrome

Usando Chrome ho preso l’abitudine di fare direttamente le ricerche su google attraverso la barra degli indirizzi. Spostandomi in Austria ho avuto il problema che tutte le risposte erano automaticamente affidate a invece che a

Quindi ho risolto il problema inserendo questi due nuovi motori:

Google Italian
Keyword: it-it it_it


Google English
Keyword: en-en en_EN en-us en_US

E poi impostandolo quello preferito dei due come default

Visita a Kroll Ontrack

camera bianca

La scorsa settimana ho avuto modo di visitare insieme ad Andrea, Elena e Letizia la sede italiana di Kroll Ontrack. L’azienda si occupa di recupero dati e dispone di una camera bianca per l’apertura e il recupero di Hard Disk fisicamente danneggiati.

E’ stato molto interessante porre alcune domande a Massimo Mazza riguardo il processo di recupero dei dati e la loro esperienza nel mercato italiano.

Andrea Beggi ha scritto un post che vi cosiglio di leggere prendendo in considerazione le questioni tecniche del recupero dati.

Sono rimasto particolarmente colpito dal Degausser, uno scatolone nero con una fessura e un pulsante blu molto minaccioso. Premendo il tasto in questione vengono scaricati circa 18 KGauss attraverso la fessura annentando tutte le capacità magnetiche dei piatti dello sfortunato harddisk di turno.

Questo comporta la totale distruzione sicura di tutti i dati in esso contenuti.

Peccato il suono di un dispositivo così efficiente sia limitato ad un deludente “click”. Se facesse il rumore più geek, sicuramente ne venderebbero delle camionate.

Qui le mie foto e qui le foto di Elena