L’importanza di chiamarsi Gualtiero

Nutro particolare ammirazione, rispetto e affetto verso le persone che si chiamano Gualtiero.

Non è che ne conosca tanti con questo nome, anzi ne conosco solo due.

Uno è mio padre e uno è Lui.

E se niente niente avete voglia di leggere quello che ha combinato Lui ultimamente (qui, qui, qui e qui), sono sicuro che condividerete i miei stessi giudizi nei suoi confronti.

Il salotto del caffè: la mia nuova rubrica

Ho raccolto con piacere l’invito di Luca Carbonelli a scrivere per il suo nuovo progetto “Il salotto del caffè“. Da quando ho deciso di convertire questo blog alla lingua inglese, mi è mancao molto scrivere in italiano e quindi ho deciso di accettare l’invito.

Scriverò di viaggi e fotografia, tentando di mantenere una frequenza settimanale. Se vi va lasciate un commento di incoraggiamento al primo post che è stato pubblicato pochi minuti fa: Ravenna-Vienna solo andata. Enjoy!

Scott Berkun: an open letter to speakers

After “An Open Letter to Conference Organizers“, Scott Berkun published a very interesting “Open Letter To Speakers“. If you are a speaker at any public event, I’d suggest you to read it:

Your mistakes on stage are your own fault. You are a performer. Good performers don’t blame their tools. If your laptop flakes out, or your movie won’t play, you are responsible. If you have special needs, let the organizers know early and ask for a rehearsal. If you can’t get one, simplify. If at the rehearsal the tech guy is on drugs, or the organizer seems overwhelmed, simplify. It’s your show and you will be judged regardless of where you point fingers. Practice and prepare accordingly. Have a simple 5/10 minute fallback version of your talk you can do even if the there’s no electricity.

You can find the entire letter on Scott’s blog. You can also follow Scott on Twitter and I strongly suggest to read his books. Enjoy!

Switch Conference – Porto 16 and 17 April 2011

This weekend I was supposed to attend the Switch Conference in Porto, Portugal but unfortunately I won’t be there for a couple of issues I cannot procrastinate.
I’m really sorry to miss the opportunity of attending a conference that sounds really cool and packed of great speakers and friends.

“SWITCH is a two-day event that gathers people with different background experiences to discuss technology, science, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in a network-friendly environment.

I was also supposed to present my latest Ignite Talk, “Symbolic Violence and Social Media” at Ignite Portugal tonight, but I’m missing that too. I really hope there will be other chances in the near future.

All my congratulation to Ricardo Sousa and all the Switchconf Staff for the excellent job they are doing and all the best wishes for their conference. next year I won’t miss it!

Saturday night in Beverly Hills

Saturday Night in Beverly Hills

A friend with a Camaro, lights, an entire city in the side mirror.
Foreigners waiting for their clothes to be ready and the night to start.
Transparent buildings around this place.
A long ride where everything is familiar but I’ve never been here before.
And weird things happen all the time. And i woke up this morning with this song in my head.

This was my saturday night in Beverly Hills, and this is the photoset. Enjoy.