The other night we watched Eurovision 2021 on TV. It felt good watching many different countries sharing a stage and spreading messages of peace and togetherness.

When I was a child there was a show called “Jeux Sans Frontières” and I remember watching it with my parents.

Eurovision 2021 gave me the same feeling of how important it is to see Europe as a big family, playing all together. It can be songs, or it can be games, as long as we stay together.

Saturday out

This morning we got up late but we quickly packed and left the house.

We drove an hour north to eat a famous rotisserie chicken and so we did. The day was gloomy, which ensured us a quiet spot on the empty patio of the restaurant.

I know chicken is not exactly the most exciting meal, but that chicken was something worth the drive.

On the way back we took a detour and visited a town nearby, where we found a chocolate shop and a gourmet store. We refilled our stock of dark chocolate, pasta, and jam.

On the way back we stopped at the florist who decorated our wedding day, but the shop was closed.

I’m repeating myself, but after more than a year stuck at home, even these mundane things are so exiting!

Winning an argument

Today I had a long argument with someone I deeply care about. It was like a heavy storm, in the summer: brewing for hours, and pouring down heavy In the late afternoon. I

t started with me getting annoyed for a remark in the morning, and it kept growing little by little until we both blew up at each other.

It doesn’t really matter what we argued about, and who said what, the relevant part is that we were both in the wrong.

At some point we broke the vicious circle, just getting closer to each other, taking a deep breath, and having a little laugh.

It was like a ray of light though the clouds, telling the land that the storm is over, and we can get ready to leave our shelter again.

We let it sit for a little while and we discussed deeply about our disagreements, which turned out to be just a bunch of unclear expectations, and a few misunderstandings.

It was a good day, and we both won, because we at the end of the day we know better, we realigned our expectations, and we have both more respect for each other, and for ourselves.

A Glimpse of Normality

COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, and tonight, for the first time in over a year, we had dinner outside with friends and family.

My initial worries about feeling awkward turned out not to be true, and it felt good to have a glimpse of normality after such a long time.

In two weeks from now I’ll get my first shot of vaccine and I look forward to visit my family later in June. I haven’t seen my parents and grand parents in person in a year.

Letting subs go

I dedicated some time today cleaning up my YouTube subscriptions. Over the years I had collected so many channels I could not even count them.

However not many of them were longer interesting to me, but somehow it felt weird to unsubscribe. I felt like I was going to miss them, even though I have deliberately skipped their videos for months and years.

When I was done with it, I let a few hours pass and went back to check my video feed.

I have to say that it feels good being interested in what the new feed offers now.

The only weird part is that I needed to set this up as an experiment, because otherwise this cleanup would not have happened.

Back to blogging

A few quick ones out of the gate:

  • I’m back to daily blogging.
  • I’ll blog in english.
  • I’m committing to two experiments for the next two weeks: one is blogging daily, the other is decluttering.

Wow, so much to unpack here, uh? Well, let’s get started.

Blogging in 2021?

The actual question I got from my coach today was “are you familiar with journaling?” and yes, I’m familiar with it, but not active at it. So we discussed my experience with blogging, which in the past was quite hot for me.

When I look back at my life, and at my career, blogging has played a relevant role. It opened so many doors, and I see no reason to journal privately when I can throw things out there (actually out here).

I still have to figure out how to navigate those topics that I don’t want to fully disclose in public, but I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.

There was a time when I didn’t care what other people thought about my posts, and now I spend way too much time polishing the filters on my instagram pictures. So I’m back to basics, throwing things here, without unnecessary refinements.

English? Really?

Short answer: yep.

Long answer: I see no reason to blog in an other language.

Two experiments

For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging daily and I’ll actively declutter.

I have found myself being collecting stuff on many aspects of my life. Phone chargers, pens, camera lenses, air-soft replica guns, 3d-printed spare parts. All of this stuff is collecting dust and occupying physical and mental space; it needs to go.

I also realised that I collect useless non-material stuff too: youtube channels I subscribed but I don’t watch, instagram accounts I don’t care but I still follow, etc.

I’ll start from there cleaning up, and get going.

Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks if you want to know how it goes!

Perdere clienti, un DM alla volta

Una settimana fa ho scoperto che nel palazzo dove vive mia madre é disponibile il collegamento in fibra FTTH. Tra l’altro, ad un prezzo mensile piú basso dell’attuale collegamento FCCT.

Adesso paga intorno ai 50Euro al mese per 100M/20M, contro i 29Euro al mese per 1G/200M.

Dato che FTTH arriva tramite Openfiber, ne approfittiamo anche per abbandonare TIM che non offre niente di meglio che un eventuale FTTC in EVDSL a 200M.

Tramite il portale di Openfiber scopro che ci sono una moltitudine di operatori che possono offrire il collegamento. Ho scelto quindi quello che mi era più familiare e che eviterò di nominare direttamente (quello rosso, con il logo a forma di goccia).

Sono andato sul sito e ho compilato il loro form di acquisto per una nuova linea inserendo indirizzo, codice fiscale, dati del documento di identità, ecc.

Peccato che il loro flusso di acquisto si sia bloccato al momento di inserire i dati di domiciliazione e pagamento.

Ho riprovato più volte cambiando computer, browser, rete, ma avevo sempre lo stesso problema: non riuscivo a pagare. Appena mi inoltrava la portale di pagamento, si bloccava tutto con un errore incomprensibile.

Li avrei chiamati, ma io ho un numero austriaco e non posso comporre il numero del loro centralino, e nemmeno uno dei numeri verdi che hanno in bella evidenza sul sito.

Mi sarei fatto chiamare, dato che basta inserire il proprio numero sul sito e ti contattano loro, ma chiaramente il mio numero austriaco non era contemplato nelle loro possibilità.

Allora ho segnalato il problema su Twitter, dove un team di gentilissimi addetti al customer service mi ha prima risposto in pubblico e poi contattato in privato. In cinque giorni di tempo mi hanno fatto riprovare il flusso almeno 10 volte. Ho anche fatto uno screencast per mostrare il problema che non erano in grado ti comprendere e replicare.

Ad un certo punto mi hanno detto: “buone notizie, riprova adesso che funziona!”

Allora ho riprovato dall’iPhone, e avevo sempre lo stesso errore.

Risposta: “eh ma, non puoi riprovare dal PC?”

Sono andato al desktop, e ho riprovato. Con un altro operatore. Quello arancione, con il vento e il numero nel nome.

In 5 minuti ho completato l’acquisto con domiciliazione. Neanche un’ora dopo avevano gia contattato mia madre per fissare l’appuntamento di attivazione della linea che avverrà tra meno di due giorni.

Conclusione: bello il social customer service, ma se non hai le basi, non vai lontano. In questo momento c’é un operatore telefonico con un flusso di acquisto rotto, che fa perdere 5 giorni di tempo a chi glielo segnala. Facciano un po’ loro.

Ah, ho riprovato anche da desktop… non va.