On Privacy, Transparency, and Trust

Transformational leadership inspires positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are vibrant, enthusiastic, and inspirational. Not only are these leaders committed to the process, but they help every member of the group succeed as well. In modern organizations, especially in distributed environments where most work happens online, we cultivate transparency as a crucial culturalContinue reading “On Privacy, Transparency, and Trust”

Elevate your appreciation and deliver better feedback

A couple of years ago, my engineering team, which happens to be distributed over four continents and works asynchronously around the clock, was struggling to provide valuable weekly updates. Most of the updates were too generic, some too specific. A few were too verbose, and others were too superficial. Shall we write down every singleContinue reading “Elevate your appreciation and deliver better feedback”

Getting Rid of The Plastic Hairball

It’s a giant hairball made of old cables. It lives in every household, and it sits in a drawer somewhere. It’s made of old phone chargers, USB cables, a couple of obsolete adaptors, a few rubber bands, a hairpin for sure. I have it, you have it, everyone has it. In my case, it fillsContinue reading “Getting Rid of The Plastic Hairball”

How to ROLL through stressful times

A hundred thousand sharp pieces to pick up. That’s what’s left of that Ikea plate. On top of that, a once delicious sandwich is now bleeding mayonnaise on the tiles, as the final act of a tragedy that started on the countertop and ended too early, on the floor. Any other day it would beContinue reading “How to ROLL through stressful times”