Language Matter

Why should not refer to a woman as “girl”, the very same way we don’t refer to a man as “boy”.

In Italy, where I was born and raised, it’s extremely common to use the words “ragazzo” and “ragazza” (boy and girl), to address people until they are over fifty years old.

The language have the right words for them, “uomo” and “donna”, but people commonly use the younger versions. 

I have always been against this common mistake for the very same reasons Mayim Bialik explains in the video.


For some reason companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, think that our entire lives revolve around birthdays.

Facebook is obsessively pushing birthdays to the top of every day’s priorities. Skype has special notifications to inform us about our contacts’ birthdays. Google computes dynamically a calendar of our contacts’ birthdays and merges it with our calendars. Every time I set up a new mac, it takes me weeks to get rid of all the birthday notifications and calendars automatically retrieved here and there.

All of this is annoying.