Wireless Headphones

I hadn’t fully appreciated wireless headphones before I purchased my Apple AirPods.

The real epiphany sparkled today though, when I switched from the AirPods to the bulkier and wired Bose QC25 on a short connecting flight.

The noise reduction feature is awesome but the wire feels awkward after a few months of wireless freedom.

I guess it’s time to upgrade my airplane headphones.

By Luca Sartoni

Growth Engineer at Automattic, WordPress contributor, co-organiser at WordCamp Europe, blogger, photographer, geek, nerd.

9 replies on “Wireless Headphones”

The Plantonics Backbeats Fit are great if you need a sweatproof bluetooth set for working out. Mine are going strong at 2+ years. They even have survived a trip through my washer and dryer 😐

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I have the QC35s, they’ve been excellent on several long haul trips. Wireless is wonderful, and when you need to use a wired connection (in seat entertainment, for example) the included cable is super light, because it doesn’t need any inline controls.

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True that, the Bose QC35’s are the way to go.

Been also looking into the Wireless over-ear Momentum 2.0 and the SONY MDR-1000X, but the QC35’s are just the right balance from many aspects and could not be happier with them; you’ll love them, Luca.

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