Wireless Headphones

I hadn’t fully appreciated wireless headphones before I purchased my Apple AirPods.

The real epiphany sparkled today though, when I switched from the AirPods to the bulkier and wired Bose QC25 on a short connecting flight.

The noise reduction feature is awesome but the wire feels awkward after a few months of wireless freedom.

I guess it’s time to upgrade my airplane headphones.

Published by Luca Sartoni

I lead three teams of engineers across four continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

9 thoughts on “Wireless Headphones

  1. The Plantonics Backbeats Fit are great if you need a sweatproof bluetooth set for working out. Mine are going strong at 2+ years. They even have survived a trip through my washer and dryer 😐

      1. I have the QC35s, they’ve been excellent on several long haul trips. Wireless is wonderful, and when you need to use a wired connection (in seat entertainment, for example) the included cable is super light, because it doesn’t need any inline controls.

  2. True that, the Bose QC35’s are the way to go.

    Been also looking into the Wireless over-ear Momentum 2.0 and the SONY MDR-1000X, but the QC35’s are just the right balance from many aspects and could not be happier with them; you’ll love them, Luca.

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