Inbox Zero and Productivity

There are days that I feel slow, stuck, unproductive. It feels like there are so many things to do that nothing gets done.

My solution is simple. I commit to Inbox Zero, processing all the emails in my accounts until they are empty clean.

Every email that requires a quick action, under two minutes, gets processed. Every email that requires more effort is converted into a todo item on Things. No exceptions.

Every item I create on Things must have a category, a due date, and a priority.

As soon as the emails are cleared, the feeling of accomplishment takes over and having a well tidy todo list helps focusing the work for the following hours.

Productivity does not get me to Inbox Zero, it’s Inbox Zero that brings back productivity.

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1 thought on “Inbox Zero and Productivity

  1. Thank you for this article. I believe and I train that you consider very important in your article.


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