First Impressions on Google Home and Alexa Dot

I have been playing with Google Home and Alexa Dot and these are my initial impressions:

Google Home

  • Get a Chromecast and it becomes an invaluable combo.
  • The IA reactions feel more personal.
  • The IOS App is annoyingly requesting the iPhone/iPad to be set in American English and localized in the US, otherwise it does not work properly.
  • Games are fun.

Alexa Dot

  • Voice recognition feels more precise.
  • Music quality is decent but (expectedly) not the best without a separate speaker.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Amazon services.
  • The tiny size makes it a perfect travel companion.

Do you have any of them? Do you have any cool hack to suggest?

By Luca Sartoni

Team Lead at Automattic, WordPress contributor, co-organiser at WordCamp Europe, blogger, photographer, geek, nerd.

2 replies on “First Impressions on Google Home and Alexa Dot”

I haven’t tried out a Dot, but I have the Echo and Google Home. I think what you trade for portability with the Echo, you gain with a speaker that blows the Google Home away. It’s definitely not Sonos-quality, or even “sound system” quality, but the Echo easily fills a room for “background” music. I have the Google Home on my desk, and only ever play music loud enough for me, right there at the desk.

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