The Wonders of Language Spam

I’m sure you are familiar with email spam and comment spam. They are the junk that we receive daily in our inbox and our blogs, respectively.

If you use Gmail or any other modern provider, anti spam filters take care of the business and your inbox is pretty much clean. If you have a blog on WordPress and you install Akismet you are pretty much covered too.

But today I’ve found another form of spam that I didn’t know about: Language Spam.

It’s subtle form of digital spam that addresses Google Analytics and it has the capability of placing nasty messages on your Dashboards.

This comes from my dashboard:


I assume that there is a bunch of bots sending fake requests to my site, with a maliciously tweaked language header, so to end up on my report. Fascinating and annoying at the same time.

If you are looking into a solution to clean up your dashboard, here is what I found. Happy cleaning!

Published by Luca Sartoni

I lead a team of engineers across three continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

3 thoughts on “The Wonders of Language Spam

  1. Fascinating — and also a bit creepy. Thank you for this fascinating look under the Google Analytics hood!

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