Seeking Rejection

If there is one thing extremely valuable in Chris Voss’ book on negotiation is the power of “no”.

Is you start a negotiation and the only answer you get is always “yes”, be careful, you are going to find the catch soon.

Don’t be afraid of rejection, make sure there is enough room for keeping up the conversation and you are safe. Keep talking, try to find other options, let other explain the reasons behind that no. Don’t step back and disconnect, don’t retract, don’t get defensive. Simply acknowledge the new imposed limit and keep talking.

When you are negotiating a deal, start with a ridiculous option, get the first rejection, keep talking and work your way towards success. The best gigs I have always landed, are the ones which started with a rejection.

Published by Luca Sartoni

I lead a team of engineers across three continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

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