Tracking all the noms

Back in January I started tracking every monetary transaction. In a matter of a few months I reached total control of my finance and it’s a great feeling. The pressure of not knowing what’s happening to my bank account is finally over and it feels really good.

With the same spirit, a few days ago I started tracking all the food intake. I’m a strong believer of the old saying “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. So, let’s start measuring!

I’m using Lifesum, a nice app on my phone. It’s quick, sleek, and fun to use. Let’s touch base in a few months and let’s see how it goes!

By Luca Sartoni

Team Lead at Automattic, WordPress contributor, co-organiser at WordCamp Europe, blogger, photographer, geek, nerd.


  1. I started in February as well to track money and diet.

    Money: I started with it is very fast to input expenses, but the “reports” are not really readable for me, so while keep tracking expenses, I am writing my “personal” app where I will import all the data from moneylover, I don’t want to lose my history

    Food: I kept a food log on a Google Sheets document, but recently started with that seems like to be the standard “de-facto” when you approach personal trainers. There is a HUGE database of food, (Even from supermarkets and restaurants), but the UI is not great at all (again, I asked for the API access…)

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