My First Arduino Project: Gyokuro

I recently started exploring the Arduino platform and the first project I completed is meant to help brewing my favorite green tea: Gyokuro Asahi.

After I fell in love with Gyokuro Asahi, a delicious variety of japanese green tea, I realised that my kettle was not good enough to fully appreciate the quality of such expensive tea.

Gyokuro Asahi requires to be brewed between 50 and 60 Celsius degrees and my kettle can only heat up water up to boil.

For this reason my first Arduino project focused on adding a thermostat to my kettle.

It’s very basic: a knob allows to select the desired temperature, a waterproof sensor measures the temperature of the water inside the kettle, and relay turns the kettle on and off accordingly. An LCD screens informs when the water is ready for brewing.

Schematics and code are open sourced on github.


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I lead a team of engineers across three continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

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