How I almost quit eating meat and I’m still alive

For a long time I wanted to reduce my meat consumption. I was always postponing my decision, you know, taking such a move it felt so difficult and I really enjoy eating meat.

A couple of months ago I decided to try a full month without meat. I made it simple and I committed to a 30-day challenge without eating meat. Fish was allowed, but not every day.

After one month, I broke my meat-fast, to suddenly realize that I didn’t have any interest in getting back to eating meat every day. I discovered many things during this period and I promised myself to blog about it, giving myself enough time into this experience to have a better clarity.

I hate the idea of being the dude who tried something for a few weeks, writes a blogpost about this sudden epiphany, and then gets back to burgers a few days later. 

Yesterday this video randomly popped up on my social stream and it represents exactly how I feel about this experience. 

There will be a time when I’ll write about the challenges of quitting meat, or the labeling that diets brings on the social sphere. Right now I simply encourage you to watch the video.

If you wanna try, go ahead, if you want a burger, get one. I’m not here telling you what to eat, I simply like my diet as much as you should like yours.

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5 thoughts on “How I almost quit eating meat and I’m still alive

  1. This is one thing all the militant vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters do not understand, it is all about the mix and it always will be. Also if you, like me cut down on carbs, or actually cut then down completely for a while, it gets hard just going on veggies and salads alone. its a thing of habt for sure to a great extend. Plus you need to check the intake of everything your body needs. Getting Omega3 fats through supplements instead of fish, because of mercury and all that. o at least for me it comes down to a good mix and more to get away again from factory farming. Who cars if a good prime rib steak costs 100€ at some point. or more. you will eat it less than before, but you can eat it with a better conscience.

    I think. 😀

  2. Thanks for the thought-fodder, Luca. For too many of us (especially in the States, I think) eating meat is our “default”; we don’t stop to question whether we even like it — or whether our bodies need it. I think your last paragraph sums it up beautifully: We should like what we eat. And liking something requires at least a little bit of mindfulness about our choices. Thank you for this reminder.

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