Bloggers Bash 2016

Today I was invited to speak at Bloggers Bash in London.

I gave a talk about blogging and social media in 2016. I went from Arnold Schwarzenegger on Snapchat, to the theory of Symbolic Violence. I explored many features of and the upcoming .blog TLD

It was a fun day and I learned a lot myself too.

7 thoughts on “Bloggers Bash 2016

  1. Great to hear you speak! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for coming to the Bloggers Bash Luca.
    You delivered a very lively and interesting talk and interacted with us all so very well.
    I downloaded Telegram and registered. I now need to work out how to use it and how it works. It seems that I can only share content with anyone whose phone number I have individually added to my contact in Telegram. That doesn’t feel like the wide-reaching audience that you described yesterday. Clearly, I have a lot to learn.
    I am also still confused by the need for both the “Re-Blog” and “Press This” buttons. Your amazement at the large number of bloggers in the room who use “Re-blog” was obvious, as it was when you discovered that only two of us ever used “Press This.”
    I am keen to learn more about the forthcoming .blog URLs.

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  3. Yeah — like maybe Reblog and Press This need to be pulled together. 😀

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  4. Really enjoyed your talk, Luca – thanks so much for taking the time to join us 🙂

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  5. Great talk and learned a lot. Noticed the telegram button on your blog and will definitely be looking more into that.

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