My New Mobile Experience

This is the first post I write with my iPad Pro and a Smart Keyboard. I have been using this combo since last week, when I suddenly decided to purchase this iPad, attracted by the amazing screen it features.

I have to confess that I did not expect to enjoy it this much. It’s not going to be my main configuration for work, of course, but I see myself leaving my laptop at home a little more often.

Since I switched from a bulky Nikon DSLR camera and five lenses, to a lighter mirrorless Fujifilm with two lenses, I realized how comfort wins over features. This is just another step towards better mobility and I see it as a personal progress.

I also enjoy the Apple Pencil; I find great pleasure in drawing doodles in between work sessions. All of my notebooks are full of these weird scribbles, now they are digital too.

3 thoughts on “My New Mobile Experience

  1. Did you go for the big or small iPad Pro?

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    1. I want for the small one. The other one is not very portable.


      1. I’m in indecision. I saw the large one in the wild for the first time ago in my local pub, and it wasn’t as unwieldy as I expected.

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