Last night my friend Tamir taught me how to play backgammon. It was the first time for me and he was very patient.

I really enjoyed the game and now I have an app on my laptop and on my phone so to get better and be more competitive next time I’ll see him.

Published by Luca Sartoni

I lead three teams of engineers across four continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

2 thoughts on “Backgammon

  1. Hi Luca, I am a huge backgammon lover. I tried many many BG apps but I found the best to be, you can download the app from there. Its expert level is quite challenging. Keep practicing and have fun!

  2. The day I learned to play, I remember it being quite a bit of fun. Unfortunately, none of my friends knew how to play, so I haven’t played since ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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