Pre-peeled oranges in a box

A few days ago I spotted a picture of pre-peeled oranges sold in plastic containers at Whole Foods. It was on Facebook, accompanied by the usual moral bandwagon of  slacktivists who were criticizing the waste of resources. I confess that for a moment I was supporting their side. Why should we buy pre-peeled oranges and why would they sell? Are we all so lazy?
Then I read this article:

As a person with limited hand dexterity, I look at this and see an easier way to eat healthy food. I actively avoid eating oranges, not because I dislike them (they are definitely tasty) but because I have so much difficulty peeling them.

Always think twice and hold back on judgement, no matter what, we all have blindspots.

(Hat tip: Mel Choice)

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2 thoughts on “Pre-peeled oranges in a box

  1. Years ago I was working on legislation that on its face seemed to mandate wigs for people suffering hair loss. Cue sarcasm about disease of the month health care mandates.
    At the hearing I learned Alopecia Areata causes hair loss to the degree that retail wigs don’t work. Retail wigs need your own hair to stay on your head. Hair prostheses are much more involved. Children with this disease need new prostheses as they grow. Still not sure about an insurance mandate, but I stopped making fun of the idea. Same lesson. I don’t know who is out there and what they need.

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