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A few weeks ago I realized I haven’t got recalls for vaccines in many years. Checking my records at the local health authority in my hometown (ASL), it turned out that the latest shots were dated 1995, so there was a good chance that the vaccines, without a proper recall, got deactivated.

After a quick consultation with my doctor, I decided to get myself covered and restart the whole process. I’m now getting covered for Polio, Tetanus, PertussisDiphtheriaHepatitis AHepatitis B. I got my shots today, and I got a beautiful yellow booklet to keep track of them. I’m going to have them done again in 3 weeks and another session in 6 months. After that, I’ll be reasonably covered for ten years. Then an easy recall will just keep them active.

How about you?

Talk to your doctor, and keep yourself covered!

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2 thoughts on “Keep yourself covered

  1. After having to get a Yellow Card for a trip into Ghana, I have continued to confuse customs agents with that little piece of paper in my password. They always look at it with a look of confusion and suspicion.

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