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For me my time at McDonalds was invaluable. Yeah, I never want to scoop fries or make burgers again, but I learnt something more important. I started to chip away at my arrogance. I challenged the ways I dehumanized people for their job. I stopped equating dislike for big shitty companies with dislike for their foot soldiers. I developed more empathy.

I feel Kate Norquay’s article on working at Mac Donald’s. I had a similar experience in my late twenties and I recall it as the most formative part of my career.

Hat Tip: Davide on Facebook.

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  1. I’ve had pretty much the same feeling when I worked as a “mass seller” (you know, those guys stopping you on the street to sell you some sorts of stuffs and make you try some). I used to see them as boring and like “let me alone”, now that I’ve been among them, I show more respect ! 🙂

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