How I ended up with a longboard on the wall

When men reach fifty years of age, they get the so-called middle age crisis and buy a Porsche.

Not all of them, but some do. I haven’t got to fifty yet, but I already had my aging crisis. I was 31, so we can call it a third-age-crisis, perhaps.

Not having enough money to buy a Porsche, and not being interested in fancy cars, I bought a longboard. It’s essentially a skateboard, but bigger, longer, and tougher.

The relevant piece of information: I had never skateboarded before, nor I had ever possessed a skateboard. I had never spent time with skaters, nor I had played any video game of the Tony Hawk’s franchising.

It all started when I was in Amsterdam with Letizia, earlier that year. It was the beginning of 2011, and I was attending a conference. We took a few days off, as sometimes we do, and explored the city together.

We ended up visiting a modern art gallery; I don’t even remember which one, I just recall it was in front of a canal, which is no use of reference when speaking about Amsterdam, where everything is basically in front of a canal.

At this particular art gallery, there was a video, looping every few minutes. It was featuring two guys, wearing suits, riding their longboards downhill on an empty Californian road. I was hypnotized, I couldn’t help, I needed a longboard.

I ended up riding it for a few weeks, enjoying the new experience. However, it’s not hanging on the wall, covered in signatures. I quickly figured out that I need to turn it into something interesting, once the enthusiasm was gone. So I asked my friends to sign the bottom of the board, and now it’s a nice hipster touch on my wall.

By the way, this is the video I was referring to. Enjoy!

By Luca Sartoni

Growth Engineer at Automattic, WordPress contributor, co-organiser at WordCamp Europe, blogger, photographer, geek, nerd.

4 replies on “How I ended up with a longboard on the wall”

I love longboarding: It’s practical. I can go around in a longboard instead of using a car on some days. I’d like to see volleyball or baseball have some direct real life application (okay, the sports kind of have, you can run faster and whatnot but still! It’s different from longboarding’s practicality).

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