Five months with Apple Watch

When I got my Apple Watch, I was simply curious about it. I’m an Apple fan, it’s not a secret, and the Watch was just the latest gadget available.

However, I got fond of it over time. It’s just a watch, and it’s the great thing about it. I mostly use it to check the time but having the next event on the schedule is very handy. I also like the quick access to timers and alarms.

Some people like to have all their notifications on their wrist, but not me. I have been notification free for two years now; on my phone they are completely disabled, so are they on my watch.

Apps are in general still useless; I didn’t even reinstall them after the last reset, which was needed when I paired it to my new phone. However the Wallet (the former Passbook) is super cool at airports.

I track my workouts, it’s nice as an alarm clock, it’s great for timers. I also enjoy the easy access to Siri and now with the new Philips Hue system, I vocally control all the lights in my apartment. I can specify single actions like “turn on the light on the table”, “dim lights to 25%”, “turn red the light in the entrance”, and I can recall scenes like “set up for movies”, getting a nice TV friendly lighting preset.

I might get a new sport band, just to give it a twist, now it’s black on black, I might go for purple or light blue (Cerulean FTW!). But again, it’s just for pure aesthetics, like a watch should be.

The Apple Watch is the least gadgetty gadget I have, and probably it’s the real beauty of it.

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I lead a team of engineers across three continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

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