2014 is over: my 12 months of adventures in pictures

According to Tripit I spent 151 days traveling this year, visiting 27 cities in 9 countries, covering 117807 kilometers.

Here a brief of what happened:


I kicked off 2014 with a new job at Automattic met my team in Hawaii as soon as I started.


On the way back I spent a few hours in Los Angeles, just the time to get a burger at The Apple Pan with Eric and William.

Los Angeles


February went smooth: I settled in my new job position, started training regularly with Jan.

I spent a quick weekend in Milan seeing friends and taking pictures.



Another chilled month in Vienna. I took a weekend trip to Budapest by train.

Budapest, HU


I spoke about remote working at WordCamp Slovakia.


Had a meetup in New York City and bought my X-T1 switching 100% to the Fuji system. Good bye Nikon!

New York City

I built a circular lighting rig with my dad.


I also spent a few weeks in Ravenna, seeing friends and relaxing a little bit. Had great time with Giorgio and Andrea.


I attended the best barcamp of the year: FreelanceCamp at BocaBarranca organized by Alessandra.

FreelanceCamp 2014

I turned 34 and had lunch at Osteria Francescana with Paolo and Federico.


I spent great time on the beach with Dario.


I spoke about growth hacking at Seedcamp in Rome.

Had a meetup in Kansas City (MO) and tried Google Fiber with my Akismet team mates.

Kansas City

Went to the Regenbogen Parade in Vienna.


Went to Berlin with my buddy Dan and spoke about Growth Hacking at MLove Confestival.

MLOVE 2014


I spent a few days in London with Livia and attended the “Monty Python Live (mostly)” at O2 Arena.


And where I took this self portrait.



I spent two days in Florence with a bunch of colleagues.

Euromatticians Family Dinner - Florence

I went to Montreal and spoke at WordCamp Montreal about growth on WordPress sites.

WordCamp Montreal 2014

I ate lobster in Boston with Guido.


I climbed the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia.


I touched the The Command Module of the Apollo 11 at the National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

Washington DC

I visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washinghton, D.C.

Washington DC

After 10 years of wearing a beard I shaved.


I bought a bike.


I went to Utah for the Automattic Grand Meetup.

Park City Utah

I volunteered and spoke at WordCamp Europe.

I joined the organising team of WordCamp Europe.


I spoke at Better Software conference in Florence with Paolo and Davide.


I grew my moustache for 30 days (never again).


I spoke at WordCamp Toronto.

I lectured with Bernhard about distributed work at WU, the Business University in Vienna.


I got myself a mini drone. So much fun!

I spent a couple of weeks in Ravenna, trying to find a new photographic inspiration.


I think I succeeded, check out my new photo series!

Happy 2015 folks!

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I lead a team of engineers across three continents at Automattic. I love hiking, photography, and 3D printers.

5 thoughts on “2014 is over: my 12 months of adventures in pictures

      1. Sweet. I’m also looking at Parrot’s offerings. Their new Bebop is really tempting me, but I like the Spider as a 1st one, to see if I even get any use out of it, or leave it to gather dust on a shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I ended up going for this one, because I favored having (even a cheap) onboard cam over having smart phone controls, for the 1st one. One of my main use case is to do recon in the woods around my cabin, back home, to have a bird’s eye view of where to go for quick hikes around. At $75, it fits my “don’t even know if I’ll use it” budget. If I find I do use it, I’ll upgrade to the bebop as my flying skills improve. And if it really catches on, I’ll go for their Sky Controller too (can fly up to 2km). The combo of both the Bebop and Sky Controller is about $860 on Amazon at the moment (but they can also be bought separately).

    Video quality on the Micro Drone is really not great, but it’s absolutely perfect for my use case: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=micro+drone+2.0

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