3 shots with a Leica M9-P

This camera is really amazing, I do really appreciate it and it totally matches my style. But not my wallet, so I have to admit, it’s not mine. It’s Teymur‘s camera, whom I have the pleasure to visit during this long weekend.

I never used a Leica before and still, after 24 hours, I find pretty strange the way to focus and the way to compose the shot with a telemeter. But beside that, this camera is really amazing.

The full frame sensor and the 50mm summilux f1.4 are are so sweet! But let’s dive into the pictures.

Woman smiling at a friend


I was having breakfast in a bar in Cologne, getting ready for a street shooting session when this woman started waving to a friend and I captured the moment. It happened with a very silent whisper: “click”. Yes, this camera is silent and extremely sharp.

Street player


The amazing thing about this camera is that people tend to relax and be available when I point the lens in their direction. Usually they tend to be nervous when I do the same with my DSLR. Even when I’m equipping a small lens like a 20mm or a 28mm.
With the Leica they look totally unaware of the camera and they keep on doing their own business. If they realize I’m taking a portrait they just smile. I’m trying to figure out the reason behind this surprising behavior.

Teymur in the dark


It was not just dark, it was completely dark. So I convinced Teymur to hold a couple of portable micro-softboxes commonly known as iPhone4 and voilà, enough light for this portrait. Amazing result, I have to admit.

Let’s keep on testing the camera for another day and let’s see what comes up, you’ll find all the pictures on my Flickr set. Viel Spass!

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  1. Hey very nice article on the Leica, you made feel like I want to try it my self as well. Congratulation also on your picture, really worth.
    Take care

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