A day at the races


Last sunday i had the pleasure to be a guest visitor at the “8th Monza Rally Show” in Monza, near Milan. I was invited by eni that was presenting its new lubricant product line called “i-sint”.

I’ve never been a fan of cars, especially race cars. I always found tremendous boring to spend time staring at loud vehicles passing by at high speed. I always asked myself “where is the fun”? If we add that the day was rainy, i was happy to be invited, but not so interested, to be honest.

But then something happened, they allowed us to try race cars on a rally track, with instructors and… MUD. Wow, driving a Subaru Impreza for a real race was such a terrific experience! Something really difficult to explain but when i went out of the car i was so exited that i definitely wanted more. Yeah, the only disappointing part of the day was how quick the driving experience was but it’s totally understandable in that the situation.

There were about 20 of us in the short race and this is the final result:

As you can see i was 6th in the rank and as my very first rally, i’m very proud of myself. You can find the in-car video of my performance on youtube and you cans earch oll the content of the day on google and on twitter with the tag #Isintrally. Thanks to Nicola Mattina, Elastic and eni for the invitation

I really hope to have again soon the opportunity to drive a supercar on a race track, which is the only place where people should try this kind of experience. Never do that on a public street. Never.

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