For some reason companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, think that our entire lives revolve around birthdays.

Facebook is obsessively pushing birthdays to the top of every day’s priorities. Skype has special notifications to inform us about our contacts’ birthdays. Google computes dynamically a calendar of our contacts’ birthdays and merges it with our calendars. Every time I set up a new mac, it takes me weeks to get rid of all the birthday notifications and calendars automatically retrieved here and there.

All of this is annoying.

Breaking The Rule of Three

I’m a big fan of the rule of three: if you list things in groups of three, they are easier to remember, they are more powerful, and they engage more with your audience.

However, there are good reasons to break the rule of three from times to times.

According to Miyamoto Musashi, the author of “Go Rin No Sho”, the book of the five rings:

It is bad to repeat the same thing several times when fighting the enemy. There may be no help but to do something twice, but do not try it a third time.

Here the very example of that principle, in a recent UFC fight.