WordPress.com + Google Photos = 📸❤️

I am a big fan of Google Photos, that’s where I store all of my shots (as a backup for my Flickr account). I’m also a big lover of WordPress.com, for obvious reasons.

Starting today my two big digital loves work together!

You can connect your accounts and use Google Photos within WordPress.com when composing a post, seamlessly adding pictures from your library!

I ❤️ IT!


I’m rewatching the first season of Game of Thrones and it’s amazing how the writers were able to keep consistency throughout the years.

Many of the details that pop out of the narration take a completely different meaning, knowing the facts that are narrated later in the plot.

It’s an outstanding production for sure.

Home Automation with Node-RED

I recently discovered Node-RED, a flow-based programming platform for IoT.

In the past, I tried several solutions at my households, ending up writing my own node.js server that was dispatching API calls to the several devices around, like Philips HUE Lights, Android TV, SONOS, etc.

With Node-RED, everything is pretty straightforward, and it does not require much more than just connecting several blocks together, defining flows and behaviors.

If you are into home automation, check it out!


After a great week in Los Angeles, digesting my west coast jet lag, it’s time to pack my bags and join my 600 co-workers in Whistler, Canada.

For the next 7 days we’ll have the chance to spend time together under the same (huge) roof. If you want to have a glimpse of what will happen, follow our Instagram stream #a8cgm!