Taking Care of Yourself

To keep yourself from being corralled by the forces that generated the crisis in the first place, you must be able to depart from the default habits of authoritative certainty. The work of leadership demands that you manage not only the critical adaptive responses within and surrounding your business but also your own thinking and emotions.

As a leader there are five things to keep in mind, according to this great article on HBR:

  1. Give yourself permission to be both optimistic and realistic.
  2. Find sanctuaries where you can reflect on events and regain perspective.
  3. reach out to confidants with whom you can debrief your workdays and articulate your reasons for taking certain actions.
  4. Bring more of your emotional self to the workplace.
  5. Don’t lose yourself in your role.



To better understand the experience of a key stakeholder—the patient—team members attached a camera to a patient’s head and captured his experience in the ER. The result: nearly ten full hours of film of the ceiling. The sensemaking provoked by this perspective led to a redesign of the ceiling that made it more aesthetically pleasing and able to display important information for patients.

Excellent example of sensemaking on Harvard Business Review.